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Frederick SMITH -- fl 1764 SC plat adj George CAIT showing a Mill Dam on line with RUSSELLs

(No mention of a mill pond or mill itself on SMITH's plat--but shows a mill dam; shows a path from SMITH to area just north of CAIT's tract) So, need to know which side of that dam the pond is on--upstream, right? It might appear that the mill is on Joseph RUSSELL's tract...with the pond on that of Charles RUSSELL. This page created before 26 Dec 2008; last updated 30 Jan 2010.

Frederick SMITH & adj tracts

SMITH, Frederick -- fl 1764 SC plat 350 ac
RUSSELL, Charles -- grant
RUSSELL, Joseph -- land laid out
WHITFORD, Robert -- grant
HAIG, George -- grant
MIERS, Jacob -- land laid out
CAITS, George -- land laid out

Other plats of interest

BROWN, James -- fl 1773 SC plat 200 ac
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