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Mill Dam ment'd SMITH's 1764 SC plat near George CAITS

Chronological listing of adjoining & nearby plat owners

Researchers and associated plats

Calhoun County (SC) Genforum
GATES individuals in the area at the time
SMITH, Frederick -- fl 1764 SC plat showing the Mill Dam & path by George CAITS' tract
GATES family researcher
LYONS, Joseph
GANT, Burrell
DARBY, Artemus T. -- fl 1841 SC plat enclosing Christian GATES' tract
SMITH, Frederick -- fl 1764 SC plat
HUBBs Br (possibly Hubb GIBSON?)
Grindstone Crk

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This site was created 21 Nov 2008 to facilitate and encourage research on early settlers in South Carolina (now Calhoun County (SC)): especially the area north of what came to be known as Halfway Swamp Creek of Santee River and that part of land west of the Santee and just south of the mouth of the Wateree River. Research has been difficult; and, facts, elusive since many early records for this area were destroyed by fire. My interest in this area of research began with the discovery of old timbers in the creek on a tract of land possibly laid out for Christian GATES. This website was last updated 28 June 2011. This page last updated 22 February 2010. Please come back and visit again! Comments posted on the Calhoun County (SC) genforum page will be reviewed.